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Skope Mag

10/10 review for my album "Day by Day"

July 2018

"Aya Ishida and her new album, Day by Day—-A Jazz Lover’s Dream!

Aya Ishida, originally from Japan, is an eclectic composer, and vocalist that has an amazing album....." Skope, K.Tibbs

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 All About Jazz

4 starts review for my album "Day by Day"   September 2018

"Aya Ishida has the kind of softly enveloping, fragile voice that can sing just about anything and make it instantly appealing. ..." All About Jazz, Jim Olin 

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Jazz magazine

The Walker'S (vol.54)

Interview/Album review 

ハートフルという表現が合うだろうか、歌声も個性的でNYの風を感じさせる。自身で作曲も手がけたラストの「The Petal」と、日本語で披露している「Where I Come From」も秀逸。The Walker's

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Jazz Corner

review for my album "Day by Day"

August 2018

"The tone is personal, tinged with emotion, yet energetic and easy to relate to....Ishida is able to create a sound that feels warm and organic, yet direct and engaging..."

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Jazz magazine

The Walker'S (vol.55)

Performance review/ ジャズミュージシャン3つの願い


何よりも生の歌声を体感できて良かった。(The Walker'S)


Jazz magazine

Jazz Japan (vol.104) 

Interview / Album review


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Jazz magazine

The Walker'S (vol.55)

Performance review

管楽器のパートをヴォーカルで披露し、アルバムとは異なるアレンジも斬新且つ新鮮でカッコよかった。(The Walker's)


Jazz magazine

Jazz Japan (vol.106) 

performance review


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